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  • All technical is included

    «Tariff plans include price of the software, regular updates, safe hosting and technical support for your online store.»


    Timofey Gorshkov,
    InSales general manager

  • Professional care

    « We are interested in success of our clients, that's why we add promotion insruments to our system, provide trainings, give advices.»


    Marina Pustovalova,
    commercial director

  • Any desing you want

    «Design can be arbitrary. You can set up a flexible navigation by categiries, parameters, tags. Add brand, color or size selection.»


    Roman Egiazaryan,
    project manager

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How to create an online store on the InSales platform?

At first you have to choose whether you’re going to minimize costs almost up to zero and create an online store’s site by yourself on the InSales platform, or you want to get professional store’s design to launch your store with maximum efficiency and specialists’ support.

In the former case you can easily create a trial online store and learn all the abilities of the platform, adjust design, add products. And when you’re ready to start sales – activate the store, pay for using and attach your own domain name.

 If you wish to get a ready working online store, start with an application, and our team will help you.  The next step will be a technical specification. If you haven’t got one, we’ll help to make it. The following step is adjusting the store. Several weeks of our specialists’ intense work, gradual alignment of intermediate results with you and handing-over of the works. As a result you get completely ready online store, which you can fill with products and integrate with accounting system. 

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What’s the difference between InSales and other CMS and web studios? 

We’re the company, which specializes in online stores’ creation, at the same time we combine advantages of boxed CMS and studios, trying to minimize their disadvantages.

We’re developers of the software – The InSales platform, which we use to create online stores’ sites. But there are also our partners, who do it successfully too (you’ll be able to change design creators). The staff and the company's founders have experience of their own online stores’ creation and work, so all our recommendations and platform interfaces are practical developments. The best practices accumulated by more than 1000 online stores.

Our clients handle up to 1,000 orders per day and the InSales platform takes the load confidently. Online stores on the InSales platform regularly have promotions on coupon services. The InSales platform functionality is constantly developing unlike boxed CMS, InSales clients receive updates almost every week. This allows them to be on a step ahead of the rivals.

Join us! We’ll be glad to support your success.