Recommender systems

Developed by: REES46 Inc
REES46 provides smart eCommerce marketers and retailers with the powerful and easy-to-use marketing suite. Once set up, it allows you to manage all essential tools in one click and focus on other things that really matter. No tech skills needed.

Using REES46 you can easily:

•    Acquire more visitors using our advertising platform with extremely precise targeting.
•    Convert your visitors into customers using personalized product recommendations and personalized search.
•    Recover abandoned carts using triggered emails, web push notifications and remarketing.
•    Induce repeat purchases through digest emails and push notifications with individual selections of recommended products.
•    Gain customer feedback, product and store reviews to improve your store credibility and merchant reputation.

REES46 tools:

Smart product recommendations 
Selling products in different niches requires different approaches, i.e. product recommendations should consider changes in parameters. REES46 developed unique algorithms for each niche:
•    Home Appliances & Consumer Electronics
•    Apparel & Accessories
•    Cosmetics & Beauty Products
•    Baby & Children Products
•    Pet Products
•    FMCG
•    Construction & Repair
•    Auto Products
•    Jewelry

Triggered emails and web push notifications scenarios :

•    Abandoned cart
•    Abandoned cart follow-up reminder
•    Looked through but haven’t bought
•    Thanks for the purchase
•    Monthly inactive
•    Haven’t found what you were looking for?
•    Abandoned category
•    Back in stock
•    Price drop
•    Regular purchase
•    Custom (use REES46 API to create and launch your own trigger scenarios)
Digest emails and web push notifications

Advanced customer segmentation:

• ABC segments
• Physiology
• Children
• Auto
• Demography
• Construction Materials and Equipment
• Pets
• Travel and tourism

Realtime analytics 

REES46 smart dashboard helps you see the overall picture and always be able to analyze KPI’s in real time. Make solid decisions and stop guessing!

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